Compared To Your Current Delivery Method;


MediaJet is faster - it is capable of delivering one hour of HD to all major Broadcasters globally, within a couple hours.
MediaJet is cheaper for 'one to many' deliveries - your secure content goes into the cloud once, and can be downloaded any time by all authorised global clients.
MediaJet is more reliable and secure – more automation, less risk so no more customs delays, courier errors or post room errors.
MediaJet is future proof - the HDCAM SR shortage of 2011 left many content owners unable to deliver. MediaJet's cloud based solution means built in redundancy.


MediaJet is up to 200 times faster than FTP.
MediaJet is much more secure than traditional FTP and offers single and group user tracking and reporting.
MediaJet offers a personalised interface and user experience for your customers, increasing brand exposure and engagement.

Point to Point

MediaJet utilises and surpasses the same 'point to point' system technology to optimise your available bandwidth, ensuring the fastest delivery possible to many points at the same time, not just one.
MediaJet goes further than point to point. With it’s combination of a cloud based solution, global CDN, simple interface and 'point to point' technology, it means you can deliver content through a seamless extension your own website, or a standalone branded portal.
MediaJet does not require your customers to have any specific client side software to download content, only a log-in and permissions granted by you.