Why & When?

One To One

If you need to deliver to one or two broadcasters directly, you might currently be doing the following:

Delivering on FTP - FTP it is not very secure, it also ties up your internet connection bandwidth whilst the person is pulling the file from your building to their building. If there's a loss in connection, the whole download has to start again. FTP is cheap, but slow, hard to track and less reliable.
Delivering on tape - The HDCAM SR shortage last year proved that we cannot keep relying on one source of tape. Tapes cost a lot to be cloned and then couriered locally and around the world, not to mention courier and customs delays. Globally, all broadcasters are moving to file based delivery and by 2014, UK broadcasters will only be accepting files.

What MediaJet Direct offers you:

A secure, direct and fast connection to your point of delivery.
No need for the broadcaster to have any special software, or technical knowledge. The file is pulled or pushed from our building directly to them using the full optimised internet bandwidths of both points.
A branded easy to use interface for your clients, allow a more personalised service.
User/account tracking to inform invoicing as required
MediaJet Direct is far more cost effective and faster than tape, and more secure and faster than FTP.

When Would I Use MediaJet?

To transition to tapeless distribution of your content.
To distribute SD/HD programming the same day it leaves edit.
For consistent, audited, global distribution of content.
To expand delivery capability without increasing overheads.
As a holding area for easy access to rushes, viewing copies, screeners and archive.