Content Owners

A Tailored Service for Content Owners

As a content owner, we understand access to your archive is the key to unlocking its potential. Clients need to have easy access to browse and preview your content, then purchase and download it in the format they require with a minimal technical/administrative hoops to jump through.

MediaJet offers a tailor made service for content owners, if you should require an end to end solution. Mediajet's unique affiliation with television production means it has the capacity and expertise to digitise or ingest your content, transcode it to the required delivery formats, quality check your masters, upload to the cloud and archive your assets on a future proof LTO system.

License and go...

If you already have an archive solution, have your content in the required delivery format or want to upload from your own post-production facility, MediaJet can license a portal to you allowing you to manage your uploads from any web connected location Globally.

Optimise your workflows

MediaJet is not just a platform, it’s also the service that comes with it. We regularly undertake upfront consultancy on post production workflows in your facility, providing you with training and optional service level agreements to give you the flexibility to manage the service internally and to feel supported along the way for as long as you needs us.