How it Works

How it Works

Mediajet combines the best of proven technologies with a flexible and easy to use interface to offer you a single all encompassing platform for your content storage, management and distribution with your clients and colleagues across the globe.

Mediajet global distribution map

Getting set up

After talking with you to assess which purchase / license option best suits your needs, we configure and open up the MediaJet platform to you. Once set up, there's one basic non-technical training session and you're ready to go.
Either through your own direct access or our managed support service, transcoded content can be immediately published to MediaJet. You take control of MediaJet to set up and manage your own client's accounts. Available for download from any internet connected location, simply set up your customer's accounts and allow access to the formats you have agreed to supply. Audio, graphics, press packs, or any post production delivery paperwork are also easily catered for.


When a download request is made by your clients the content is pushed through the CDN cloud to your client's local EDGE server using our optimised bandwidth saturation system, up to 200 times faster than FTP, meaning download speeds and reliability is increased due to only local POP connections being needed. Multiple downloads do not affect any individual download speed or reliability as each customer is downloading from a local connection point and not one single source.


Whether it’s us or you... using the simple content management system lets you create and track all your clients download activity. Clients can be given individual or group access permissions relating to what they have paid for and what you want them to be able to preview and/or download.
...and that’s basically it. You’ll now have fast, reliable, secure and scalable access and distribution capability to reach your current and prospective clients.
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